“To most people, swimming is often seen as an individual sport. Yes, there are relay events but the rest of the 17 events all consist of individual swimmers. But to me, I have never seen it like that. Every single thing I have accomplished is not solely based on me but based on an entire team behind me. My team ranges from my sponsors to my coach, from my family and friends to doctors, from physios to gym trainers. The list is endless and without my ‘entourage’ I wouldn’t have achieved 0.1% of what I have today. We aren’t always going to be motivated but in those moments we have to be disciplined. And it’s my team that keeps me disciplined and that steer me in the right directing to find my motivation again. I depend on them just like we depend on air. And I am eternally grateful and forever indebted to them. So, when I stand on the block to race, I’m never standing alone because I have a whole crowd of people standing there right with me. Come rain or shine.” – Erin Gallagher

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