Joining and Registration Procedures

Seagulls Membership:

Completed application form to be submitted with proof of payment. Send an email to to request form.

KZN Registration:

SAA Capitation form to be complete and submitted with copy of birth certificate or ID document. Proof of payment must accompany your registration form. Swimmers wishing to transfer clubs need to do so before the 30th October, except if you are transferring from another province.

General Registration Information:

All members of KZNA must be registered by the 15th May of each year.

During the season New Members – Swimmers wanting to participate in galas are to be registered with KZNA through Seagulls at least 14 days prior to the closing date for entries. This rule is set by SSA and no late registrations will be accepted by KZNA. All memberships and registrations terminate on the 30th April of the following year. Swimmers are to affiliate to a club before registering with KZNA. No person may participate in any competition unless that person is registered in time.

Registrations will only be accepted from an authorized club registration secretary.

All registrations to be completed on the prescribed forms. No other form will be accepted. Accurately filled registration forming, under no circumstances will SSA ACCEPT any registration if all the relevant Information Is not completed on the registration form when submitting to SSA. All the relevant information has to be captured on your forms especially the swimmers contact details and the swimmer RSA ID number, Land line and cell phone numbers etc.